What’s the big deal with PTELL?

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  • Let’s define what PTELL is: a cap on the amount that property taxes in your town can be raised. PTELL is based on the rate of inflation. 
  • If inflation is 2%, then your property taxes can be increased by no more than 2%. 

How does this affect us in District 38? 

  • It does set a limit on our revenue stream, although this limit has never impacted district finances negatively. In fact, the District has  been running a surplus for some years.
  • According to its School District Financial Profile, Kenilworth has 585 days of cash on hand. 
  • Local taxes are the largest source of revenue for District 38, but not the only one. The District has received nearly half a million dollars in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief(ESSER) funding during the past year. 
  • This funding, coupled with significant staffing cuts(usually referred to as Reduction in Force) has put the District in a very strong financial state, as strong, if not stronger than other New Trier township districts. 

So, what is the big deal with PTELL?

  • We’re not sure why such a small and, until recently, obscure figure, is now such a huge presence in our District. Please know, though, that our District has plenty of funding for the school, its administration (which is costing close to  a million dollars a year in salary and benefits), and consultants and attorneys (which are costing hundreds of thousands a year). 
  • There is no connection between PTELL and increases in teacher salary. 
  • The District is in excellent financial shape, and should now have plenty of money for the faculty.

Thanks for letting us PTELL you all about this!!